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Have you ever visited India? Or experienced its warmth in any form?

Well, here is how we as an Indian digital market for Handicrafts, would be pleased to connect with



Just for you to get to know us.

Namaste Trends is an Indian origin, one stop market for handicrafts. It is an online store that engulfs

a variety of culture and tradition driven products from different regions of India. Our artisans and

craftsmen are some of India’s finest.


Right from the Northern most beauty of Kashmir in the form of Pashmina, to the serenity of

Southern most Tamil Nadu in the form of their Gold leaf paintings. A feel from the Goan artisans

holding an Indo Portuguese culture in their pottery and beautifully embossed porcelain paintings,

would make you want to own one of these pieces of art. Carved wooden toys and the earthenware

from Maharashtra speak proudly for their land and the refreshing smell of earth, right through to

the enchantingly weaved cane art from the Eastern most states like Bihar and West Bengal. We have

artisans showcasing their skills and hard work through their products that are all available on

‘Namaste Trends’.


We as a team at ‘Namaste Trends’ work to streamline these authentic products right from the

manufacturer, to you at your doorstep. As a team, we vouch to maintain the quality of the products

and a great experience through the services that we provide. We also look at this as an opportunity

to keep the manufacturer satisfied with a fair price deal for all the efforts that are put into making

these art pieces. Keeping the tradition alive and bringing a feel of it at your home is what we aim at.


Whether it is for your own home, or for the home of a loved one, we really hope you have a great

experience shopping with us!